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  Features to evaluate

Every application for a friction hinge has unique requirements.
The following is a list of the most common features of a friction hinge that will help you choose a hinge that will perform to your desired results.


Torque Requirement: Proper torque built into the hinge that will allow your application to work the way you envision it should.

Package Size: The smaller the footprint of your hinge the more you can focus your design on the product itself. A small hinge package typically offers you more flexibility in your design.

Life Requirement: Determine the expected life of your application in terms of the number of cycles you expect the hinge to be opened and closed over the life of the product.

Consistent Torque Over Life: This is a key for reliable performance of the hinge over the life of the product. Quality hinges will meet your torque specifications over the entire life of your application.

Dynamic Torque: The resistance experienced during rotation of the hinge.

Static Torque: The resistance required to start the rotation of the hinge.

Spring Back: The amount of motion (specified in degrees) that results when the hinge "flexes" after the force that is moving the hinge is removed.

Free Play: The amount of motion (specified in degrees) that the hinge will move before you feel torque at a given position.

Aesthetic Appeal: Will your hinge be visible? Choose one that will compliment your application's design.

Environmental Conditions: Will the hinge perform to your expectations in the environment of your application?

Custom Designs: Deal with a supplier that has the capability to create products to fit your specific requirements.

Breadth Of Product Line: Save yourself time and effort by finding a supplier whose products and overall capabilities are best suited to meet your needs.


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